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1 - What is Minski?
Minski is a comprehensive platform designed specifically for home improvement contractors, sales organizations and homeowners. It provides a robust suite of services including project management on behalf of the platform, a client portal for enhanced customer interaction, and a distinctive commission management system. With Minski, you can manage leads, track installations, and handle customer relationships more efficiently.
2 - How can Minski help my business?
By centralizing operations such as lead management, installation scheduling, and customer communication, Minski streamlines your processes. Its project management service acts on your behalf, reducing the administrative burden and allowing you to focus on core business activities.
3 - Is Minski suitable for any company size?
Absolutely. Minski's scalable and adaptable nature makes it perfect for dealerships of all sizes, from small local businesses to large, regional operations.
4 - Can you explain more about the client portal and its benefits?
The Minski client portal provides a dedicated space for your customers to view project progress, access documents, and communicate directly with your team. This transparency builds trust and improves the customer experience by keeping them informed and engaged throughout their solar installation journey.
5 - What makes Minski's commission management system a key differentiator?
Our unique commission management system simplifies the process of tracking sales, calculating commissions, and managing payouts. This feature is especially valuable for dealerships looking to incentivize sales teams effectively while maintaining accurate financial records.
6 - What system design tools does Minski use?
Minski does not have its own system design tool but integrates seamlessly with leading proposal tools like SOLO and Aurora. This integration allows for advanced design capabilities directly within your Minski workflow, enabling you to tailor solar solutions to your customers' needs without the need for a separate tool
7 - How does Minski handle quoting and pricing?
Minski simplifies quoting by automatically incorporating data from design tools like SOLO and Aurora, along with material and labor costs, incentives, and financing options from partners like GoodLeap, Service Finance, Mosaic, and Sunlight, etc. This process ensures quick, accurate, and competitive quotes, enabling you to present comprehensive financial and solar solutions directly to your customers.
8 - Can Minski help with installation management?
Yes, Minski offers comprehensive tools for scheduling installations, managing inventory, tracking project progress, and facilitating smooth communication between your team and customers throughout the installation process.
9 - How does Minski support customer relationships?
With features for maintaining customer records, managing warranties, and tracking communications, Minski fosters long-term relationships and customer satisfaction.
10- Is there training and support available for Minski users?
We provide comprehensive training, tutorials, and ongoing support to help you get the most out of Minski.
11 - How do I get started with Minski?
Getting started is easy! Contact our team to schedule a demo and discover how Minski can transform your operations.
12 - If I operate in one state, can I sell solar installations in another state using Minski?
Yes, with Minski, you can expand your sales reach beyond your primary state of operation. Our platform enables seamless management of sales processes across multiple states, allowing you to effectively sell solar installations in different geographic areas while maintaining centralized control and management of your dealership operations.
13 - Is Minski available in different markets, or is it limited to specific geographic regions?
Yes, Minski is available in various markets, catering to solar dealerships across different geographic regions. Whether you operate locally, regionally, or nationally, Minski can adapt to suit your dealership's needs and serve your market effectively.
14 - Does Minski offer financing options to assist customers with solar project financing?
Yes, Minski provides financing options to assist customers with solar project financing. Our financing solutions are designed to make solar installations more accessible and affordable for customers, helping them overcome upfront costs and transition to renewable energy with ease.
15 - Does Minski offer leasing options for customers interested in solar installations?
Yes, Minski provides leasing options for customers interested in solar installations. Our leasing solutions offer flexible payment plans and terms, allowing customers to enjoy the benefits of solar energy without the need for upfront investment.
16 - Can Minski help with the process of obtaining permits and approvals for solar installations?
While Minski does not handle the permitting process directly, it provides tools and features to assist dealerships in managing the documentation and paperwork required for permits and approvals. This includes document management capabilities, task tracking, and reminders to ensure that dealerships stay organized and compliant throughout the permitting process.
17 - How does Minski handle communication and collaboration between multiple dealership locations or teams?
Minski offers robust communication and collaboration tools that enable seamless interaction between multiple dealership locations or teams. This includes features such as messaging, file sharing, and task assignment, as well as centralized project management capabilities to ensure that everyone is aligned and working towards common goals.
18 - How does Minski handle software updates and new feature releases?
Minski regularly releases software updates and new features to enhance functionality and address user feedback. These updates are typically rolled out automatically to users, ensuring that they always have access to the latest version of the software without any additional effort or cost.
19 - Does Minski offer training resources for new employees or team members joining my company?
Yes, Minski provides comprehensive training resources for new employees or team members joining the dealership. This includes training materials, tutorials, and webinars covering various aspects of the software, as well as ongoing support to assist with any questions or issues that may arise.